Fool Monkey, music library in Spain & Portugal !

Fool Monkey, music library in Spain & Portugal !

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Welcome to the world of Fool Monkey, a revolutionary music library platform created by Tanitrak Iberica. Our mission is both simple and ambitious: to provide audiovisual content creators with original and captivating production music for documentaries, advertisements, television, and radio shows.


  1. Our story

Founded in Madrid by Tanitrak Iberica, Fool Monkey emerged from a deep passion for production music and a keen understanding of the evolving needs of content creators. Our team, consisting of experienced musicians, sound technicians, and copyright specialists, tirelessly works to offer an ever-growing and diverse music library.


  1. The team behind Fool Monkey's music library

Our team is the beating heart of Fool Monkey. Composed by Régis, Carlos and Zoé, we contribute to the richness and quality of our music library, ensuring that each track meets the high standards of modern production music.


  1. Our music library catalogue

Fool Monkey's music library is as varied as our clients' creativity. Spanning genres like sports, politics, action, horror, and even Christmas songs, our production music library boasts thousands of albums and tens of thousands of exclusive tracks.


  1. Diversity and wealth of our music library

Each track in our music library is carefully chosen for its quality, originality, and storytelling potential. We understand that each project is unique and deserves a soundtrack that enhances its impact and emotion.


II. Music library : ease of use and accessibility 

Fool Monkey stands out for its user-friendly platform, making it easy to find the perfect production music. Our intuitive interface allows users to swiftly navigate our music library, while our transparent and adaptable licenses ensure a hassle-free experience.


  1. Transparency and flexibility in licensing

Our music library offers flexible licensing solutions to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring seamless integration of our music into your creations.


  1. Commitment to quality and innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our approach. We continuously adopt the latest music trends and technologies to ensure an outstanding user experience. Our music library is regularly updated with fresh and inspiring tracks.


  1. Maintaining high-quality standards

Quality is our mantra. Every track in our music library undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets the highest artistic and technical standards.



Fool Monkey is more than just a music library; it's a creative partner dedicated to enriching your projects with unique compositions. We invite you to dive into our world of music and discover how our production music can transform your projects into audiovisual masterpieces.


Invitation to explore our music library

Explore our diverse catalog and find inspiration for your next big project. Every track in our music library is an invitation to innovation and creativity.


Join the Fool Monkey community

We encourage you to join our dynamic community of creators. Let's explore new musical horizons together and create unforgettable stories.


Contact information and details

For any inquiries or to learn more about our services, feel free to visit our FAQ page or contact us directly. We are here to support you on your creative journey.


Best regards,

The Fool Monkey Team

Tanitrak Iberica SL - C. de Ulises, 16, 18, 28043 Madrid - Spain / NIF: B10585289